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    12black wins SRVA Regionals

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    17Cookeville wins K2 Tourney

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    15black at A-town

Ethos News

Tryouts Start tomorrow

Ethos tryouts will run from Oct 11 through Nov 2, 2014.  Be sure to check the schedules below for age groups, days, times, and locations.  Each age group will have 2 days of tryouts with a make-up day in case you miss one.  Sign up for tryouts under the Tryout page in 3 steps.  If you missed a tryout day, read below under “Missed Tryouts??”

Missed Tryouts??

If you missed the first couple days of tryouts, not to worry – lots of people did.  With all the different school fall breaks, other club tryouts, family trips, simply forgetting to come, etc. it happens to the best of us – not a problem.  There is a “make-up” tryout day for all ages and all locations for this very reason.  Simply sign up under the Tryout page (3 steps), show up to the make-up day and we’ll get you evaluated and hopefully put on a team.

Tryout Cram Sessions

Ethos will be offering several Tryout Cram Sessions to get our kids ready for tryouts.  Nashville will host on Oct 12 & 19 @ Nashville School of the Arts and the North branch will host on Oct 13 @ WHH (14&under) and Oct 20 @ TW Hunter (ages 15-18).  Cost is $10/night collected at door.  Come get prepared for tryouts and have some fun playing against our players & coaches.

Upcoming Events

There are no upcoming events.

We are Ethos

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Ethos VBC was born out of a passion to see the sport of volleyball grow in Tennessee and to help each individual athlete achieve maximum performance. After coaching for many years here in Middle Tennessee and around the country, we saw evidence that there was a better way to teach the volleyball than was currently…

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Why Ethos

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Ethos is defined as the “guiding beliefs or ideals that characterize a community, a nation or a group of people.” At Ethos VBC, our “ethos” is focused on 3 things – a love for God, a love for people, and a love of volleyball. We intend to teach all three to our players by the…

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