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Tryout FAQs

Should I come to the “make-up” tryouts?

  • If you only came to 1 day of tryouts (or none) then you definitely need to attend the “Make-Up tryout” on the schedule.  If you have already been to 2 days of tryouts, however, then you don’t need to attend.  We normally can put kids on a team after just 1 day of tryouts, but we like to see you at least twice before making a final decision.

When will teams be announced?

  • We are waiting to see ALL the kids tryout at least 2x before making a decision on teams.  This means that we need to wait and see the kids who come to the “Make-up tryout”before announcing teams.  You will get a call from your coach & an email letting you know which team you have made.
  • Nashville
    • We plan to announce the 11-14yr old teams = Oct 30/Nov 1 
    • We plan to announce the 15-18yr olds teams = Nov 4
  • Cookeville
    • We plan to announce the 12-17yr old teams = Nov 3
  • North
    • We plan to announce the 12-14yr old teams = Oct 30/Nov 1
    • We plan to announce the 15-18yr olds teams = Nov 4

What should I ask/consider when I get the call?

  1. Who is the coach? (most likely will be the person calling you).  What is their coaching/playing background? 
  2. What position the coach sees you playing? (it may be different than what you wrote down)
  3. Who has been offered a spot on the team?  Unfortunately, we can’t promise that any of the kids offered will accept the position on our team (although we hope they will) so please remember that you are committing to Ethos, not to a specific player or coach.   If you are only committing because of another player/coach, then a rolled ankle or car wreck will ruin your whole year. Try to choose a club based on coaching philosophy, club culture, practice environment & ethics – then you will always be happy   

I’m trying out at multiple clubs – what should I do?

  • Please feel free to tryout at as many clubs as you want – that is perfectly fine.  Just remember that no club can require a commitment from you (either verbal, financial or written) before November 6.  Make sure to collect & compare ALL your offers before making a final decision on which club to play for.  Some clubs try to bully people into making a decision early – that is unethical & illegal….don’t let it happen to you.  Just collect your offers and then let the clubs know your decision when you are ready or by November 6 at the latest.

Who is coaching which team?

  • Great question – we are still sorting all of that out right now.  Since many of our coaches are current middle/high school coaches, we have to see where the kids fall first (b/c we can’t coach our own kids) before deciding who coaches which team.  When you receive an offer, you will be told who your coach is for sure.

When/what is commitment day?

  • Commitment Day is November 6, 2012.  That is the first day that clubs can require a commitment from you.  Up until that day, you are allowed to tryout at as many clubs as you want and don’t have to agree to anything (verbally, financially or in writing).  On November 6, however, clubs are allowed to ask for a commitment….or they can retract their offer at that time.

How many teams do you expect to have at each age group?

Age Group Nashville Cookeville North
11s 1 N/A N/A
12s 2 N/A N/A
13s 2 1 1
14s 3-4 1 1
15s 2 1 1
16s 2 1 1
17s 2 1 1
18s 1 N/A N/A

What if I don’t make a team?

  • Unfortunately, Ethos is not going to be able to keep everyone this year; if you don’t make a team, then you are more than welcome to do the Practice League this Spring (March-May).

Can I just play Winter or Spring as a 14yr old?

  • NO.  This year all of our 14yr old teams are going to run the Full season (Dec-May).  If you are not able to commit to the whole season, then please let us know immediately.  Perhaps we can make you a practice player but we can’t offer you a position on any team…that wouldn’t be fair to the other kids on the team.  Club volleyball is a huge financial, time & energy commitment – and we want kids who know that up front.

Corporate Sponsors

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Ethos is happy to promote the following Corportate Sponsors and appreciate all their support over the years.  If you’d like more information on how to become a partner with Ethos VBC, please email us through the contact section. Corporate Sponsors (2016-2017) Adidas Volleyball Junior Volleyball Association Ultra Ankle® Tennessee Volleyball Association

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JVA Member Club

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Ethos is proud to be a JVA member club whose mission is to promote the growth of youth and junior volleyball through program and resource development, education and events.  The JVA is the ONLY association that is solely focused on junior volleyball and the needs of junior clubs.  The JVA is run by junior club directors for junior…

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